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Staatstheater Mainz, 2003

"The power of love in Boliguay: at the Mainz State Theater Nico Dostal's dusty operetta 'plant' is well fertilized, in bloom, and consequently glorious.


"Clivia is blooming at Gutenbergplatz right now, because a female directing quartet approached the dust catcher lovingly, with more than just color and pizzazz. Anouk Nicklisch (director), Andrea K. Schlehwein (movement), Ilka Weiss (set designer) and Heike Seidler (costumes) … . The Mainz act provided outright confirmation of the statement spoken there long before: 'Contrary to Hitler's and Mussolini's view, operetta is productive, sensible, semi-healthy intoxication; collective orgasm even … '


"… A debonair scenario between power and art appear on the stage.




Anouk Nicklisch



Andrea K. Schlehwein



Ilka Weiss



Andrea Aeschlimann


Musical Direction

Enrico Delamboye



Elizabeth Hagedorn


Photos by

Martina Pipprich

"It is fortunate that the Amazonian troupe of skirt-wearing men, parading under the command of Fräulein Lieutenant Jola, presciently distributed Kleenex packets in the audience: this production of Clivia is a most beautiful hankie-fest and the most recent demonstration that sentiment in art behaves toward pure expression like thermometer readings to felt temperature: felt feelings."


     Bernhard Uske

     translated by Hayley Glickfeld Bielman

     Frankfurter Rundschau

     20. October 2003

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