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I am not the one who you think I am

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Kleine Zeitung | 01. March 2017

Identity, home, artistic career 


Whenever we are dealing with existential questions, doubts and concerns, we find ourselves thrown back on a desert island. The struggle for one's own identity, questions of 'Who am I?' and 'Do I want to be the one I have become?' are the subject matter the three protagonists deal with by way of example in Andrea K. Schlehwein + NETZWERK AKS's first new production of 2017.

The three artists in 'I am not the one who you think I am' are revisiting stages of their international dancers' lives. It's all about the desire to lead a sovereign life, to not just play along anymore, the striving for something of one's own. But what can that be, the own?

Translated by Roman Zotter