Korea National University of Arts

"Art projects not only human emotions, but also human thoughts. As such, art is defined by the ability to offer a new perspective on humanity. This understanding of the essence of art is the starting point for greater self-introspection and understanding of others. Furthermore, it enables one to better understand and empathize with other cultures and societies. ‘Art’ in effect acts as a medium for people to easily and spontaneously accept what it is to understand humanity."

     - Kim Bongryol, President

        Korea National University of Arts

Since spring semester 2012, AKS has served as a guest professor of choreography and dance creation at the Korea National University of Arts in Seoul.  Among other works, she choreographed the piece OUTCAST (2012) for her students there.


The university, founded in 1990 and the only of its kind in South Korea, is driven by the pursuit of excellence and fueled by the pride of its students and internationally-renowned faculty.  This, combined with a humanities-based approach to education that balances continuity and transformation in Korean culture, has made it a leading institution for the advancement of the arts in Korea.  


Students may choose to join one of six different schools - though cross-collaboration is encouraged:


  • School of Music

  • School of Drama

  • School of Dance

  • School of Film, TV & Media

  • School of Visual Arts

  • School of Korean Traditional Arts


Dance majors may choose to focus either on Dance Performance, Choreography or Dance Theory.