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NETZWERK AKS | Platform for Contemporary Dance + Art

Artistic Director:  Andrea K. Schlehwein
Management and Think Tank:  
büro für tanz | theater | produktionen

NETZWERK AKS | Platform for Contemporary Dance + Art is a mobile collective of internationally acknowledged artists from around the globe – all of whom lead a nomadic lifestyle as they explore, deepen, and develop their unique craft(s) and realize creative visions within the broad field of contemporary art. The platform provides an open meeting point for members to engage in dialogue concerning artistic needs and philosophies, cultural exchange across borders, and collaborative investigation of current issues and the arts – including the human condition, emotion and cultural expression.

The activities of NETZWERK AKS | Platform for Contemporary Dance + Art are predominantly movement driven, and the platform’s feature events are most often dance-theater performances by its co-founder Andrea K. Schlehwein, who juxtaposes dance with other art forms including film, visual art, soundscapes and text.

While NETZWERK AKS | Platform for Contemporary Dance + Art currently works in ART SPACE | stift millstatt – an open space for multidisciplinary creativity in Stift Millstatt (Carinthia, Austria) – its members may come together anywhere in the world to research, discuss, rehearse and perform NETZWERK AKS projects.

The NETZWERK AKS | Platform for Contemporary Dance + Art is supported by the infrastructure of the production office büro für tanz | theater | produktionen.


Who we are:

Marion Buchmann (D)
Brigitte Büsken (DE)
Corrado Canulli (IT)
Angharad Davies (USA)
Pawel Dudus (PL)
Unita Gay Galiluyo (PH)
Hayley Glickfeld- Bielman (USA)
Koni Hanft (D)
Julia Hechenblaikner (A)
Florian Hermann (A)
Chandana M. Hörmann (D)
Nathan Jardin (BE)
Georgia Kapodistria (CYP)
Midori Kawamura (JP/DE)
Sei Seung Lee (KR)
Sebastian Lemke (D)
Fang Yun Lo (TW)
Youn Ha Ma (KR)
Maria Mavridou (GR/NL)
Sus Miranti (ID)
Yeon Woo Na (KR)
Carlos Osatinsky (AR)
Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli (CO)
Fernando Nicolás Pelliccioli (AR)
Tuong Phuong (VN)
Alessandro Piano (IT)
Simona Piroddi (IT)
Maayan Reiter (IL)
Aureliusz Rys (PL)
Eleonore Schäfer (D/A)
Andrea K. Schlehwein (D/A)
Eiji Takeda (JP)
Anja Theismann (D)
Rosalie Wanka (D)
S. Yasudah (ID)
Roman Zotter (A)

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