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Andrea K. Schlehwein is managed by

büro für tanz | theater | produktionen


Am Waldrand 80, A-9872 Millstatt

+43 (0)4766 35 250


The mobile office with its nomadic life style serves as an international think tank and production hub for Contemporary Art Projects + Productions currently located within ART SPACE | stift millstatt in Austria which supports international artistic events (Argentina, Austria, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Indonesia, Korea).

It serves as the organizational backbone for:

  • the free-floating platform NETZWERK AKS | Platform for Contemporary Dance + Art
    under artistic direction of Andrea K. Schlehwein

  • various international guest performances, co-productions and the programme A.I.R [Residencies@ART SPACE I stift millstatt]

  • AKS | Seoul Section, uniting young Korean talents in contemporary dance, fine arts, stage and light design, dance photography, new media and music for international dialogue, collaboration and exchange

  • i n : f o r m a l, a Contemporary Art related series that invites the public to discuss works-in-progress together with the artists in a relaxed atmosphere

  • projects and concepts of young emerging choreographers of NETZWERK AKS like
    Unita Gay Galiluyo, Maria Mavridou, Carlos Osatisnky, Fernandfo N. Pelliccioli


With the aim of challenging and exploring trends and tendencies in contemporary dance, fine arts, new media and installation, the büro für tanz | theater | produktionen has made its mission to redraw the cultural map of Carinthia within the context of Europe and the globe as a contemporary-minded workspace for collaboration amongst local, national and international artists and institutions.


The büro philosophy is to create an open space for individual work, for the initiation of professional-level artistic concepts by NETZWERK AKS | Platform for Contemporary Dance + Art and outside artists, and to contribute to the realization of these concepts through strong infrastructural, artistic and technical support.

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