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POSITIONEN | Diskurse + Dialoge im Zeitgenössischen Tanz


Every society thrives on diversity, creativity, critical questions, and the encouragement of individual, creative acts. These qualities require a developed perspective that allows one to take a position on the issues at hand. A position can only be taken, however, when the object of relation is obersvable and also accessible, in the truest sense of the word


Contemporary dance needs a platform to showcase, both in theory and in practice, its complexities and the wide spectrum of its diverse, current manifestations including: range of aesthetic palettes, manifold choreographic themes and content, international dance community, varying approaches to the work and physical philosophies.

POSITIONEN 019  I  Diskurse + Dialoge im Zeitgenössischen Tanz

The Lex Padilla Dance Concept has developed out of 'Elementarer Tanz', recognised as Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2014. One of the leading representatives of both labels is Graziela Padilla, a distinguished expert of contemporary dance. She will be present in Carinthia to share her theoretical, practical and artistic knowledge with us.

Personalities of contemporary dance creation from the areas of art and university, theory and practice, education and choreography will be in Millstatt to give workshops and lectures welcoming open participation and giving insight into the complexity of LPDC. Tradition and roots will play a role as well as the diversity of development in art and a localisation in the today.

The Lex Padilla Dance Concept is based on the artistic and educational 'Konzept Elementarer Tanz', established in the 1950's by Maja Lex and her master student Graziela Padilla. Over the years, this concept came to be highly regarded as an integral part of the curriculum of the Institute of Music and Dance Education at DSHS Cologne, as a knowledge pool and educational concept for dancers, choreographers, dance teachers and dance therapists. For decades, it has been a valuable component of contemporary dance creation in Europe and Asia.

POSITIONEN 015  I  Diskurse + Dialoge im Zeitgenössischen Tanz

M.O.V.E.   I   Mobility and Change

Our society is changing radically.

There is a need for speed, patience, flexibility, openness, new thoughts, clear criteria and strategies.


This is not only true for politics, but also for us: a society that needs to orient and open itself, find a positive direction and develop new social and sociopolitical levels of togetherness.


We have to understand our inner barriers in order to overcome them - within ourselves as well as in others. Without our own point of view, our own POSITION, we will not find much common ground in a potential field of togetherness.


Hierarchies, toughness, radicalism, authoritarianism and isolation are no strategies for the 21st century.


Within contemporary DANCE and other artistic forms, this understanding has long been discussed, explored and practised.


We want to involve people around us, right where we live, into these processes, we want initiate exchange and learn from each other.


To achieve this, we have to show what is happening in DANCE.


We want to invite everyone, and especially young people.

We want to set impulses.


We will form a plenum with active involvement of local schools, kindergartens, colleagues, dance teachers, pedagogues as well as our audience.


Casually, but driven by curiosity and open for dialogue.


We want to expand and deepen the existing ART SPACE in Stift Millstatt as a space for dialogue, discussion and dance.


We will offer professional, dance specific activities, we will lower barriers of contact and start working from wherever we find potential for further encounters and joint action.


We want to explore new fields of thoughts and perception...

name them  .. occupy them .. inhabit them.


Our society needs a change - we will not manage by fighting alone.

We need to develop perspective together!


AKS 9 2015

POSITIONEN 012  I  Diskurse + Dialoge im Zeitgenössischen Tanz 
kunstLABor 2012


In 2012 Schäfer and AKS ran kunstLABor 2012, a nine-week Festival of activities similar to POSITIONEN and a definite highlight of cultural life in Millstatt that summer, alongside the normal activities of NETZWERK AKS and the büro für tanz | theater | produktionen

POSITIONEN 011  I  Diskurse + Dialoge im Zeitgenössischen Tanz 
housing bodies


The theme of POSITIONEN 011 was „housing bodies“.

The attempt to reassure oneself within one's own body in a hostile space.


The works of Mateja Bucar, Anna Konjetzky, Carlos Osatinsky & Ferrando Nicolás Pellicciolli were not excerpts, but rather full-length, stand-alone works, strongly influenced by the installation trend, crossing a border into visual art.


Mateja Bucar challenged the stage as a dancer's creative life – space by leaving it.  In the dance, her body is no longer physically present, and she continues to exist "only" as a copy of herself:  a dancing shadow, projected on a light wall of a random room. Bucar refracts the situation ironically and philsophically by fixing a sign on shelves that have been emptied of their wares, thus portraying „artistic ideas“ as products in our consumeristic society: Sorry out of ideas.


The concious thematization of the apparent lack of creative ideas to catalize artistic creation shows exactly this, highly alive and present in the middle of an empty room.


Anna Konjetzky places a radical limitation on the dancer in her dance installation Abdrücke (Impressions).  Garishly lit and wearing only her underwear, the dancers moves within a glass display case, transparent on all four sides, "given" to the voyeuristic viewers as a prize.  The sound of the dancer's breath and movements and the duplication of her body through projections in the surrounding space, intensified this merciless exhibition of the performer.


Konjetzky shows the body as a place of confinement:  in this situation, the attempt to reassurance oneself of one's own existence through space-conquering dance is hardly possible. The dancer resorts to the medium of sketches and writings, thereby harnessing the focus that makes her an „I“ as opposed to a product on display.


In contrast, in Intermedios Osatinsky and Peliccioli dissect a strict, proscenium stage by running strings through the space on diagonals at different levels.   The spacial boundaries define territories, that, secured by the delineation and „the space in between“ emotionally and architecturally create different spaces for unique experiences.  The body is presented as a place of memory in addition to a place of dance in this abstract (stage)room, where recognition and identification are possible over the distance of the event's observers.


The Art Breakfast in the Museum of Modern Art Carinthia is a well-accepted institution, kept alive by director Christine Wetzlinger Grundnig. Motivated by AKS she developed an appropriate format together with Eleonore Schäfer, that through theorhetical discourse and lectures with the dramaturg Susanne Traub and philosopher Robert Pfaller was shared with an engaged audience.

POSITIONEN 09  I  Diskurse + Dialoge im Zeitgenössischen Tanz  
short, pointed, prizewinning


POSITIONEN 09 opened the Culture Summer in Millstatt, Carinthia under the motto: „short, pointed, prizewinning.“ Works by Fang Yun Lo (Taiwan), Igor Sviderski (Slovenia), Andrea K. Schlehwein (Austria) were presented in Stift Millstatt. The enthusiastic audience discussed two contemporary dance solos and a sextet in lively post-performance talks.

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