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a prize goes to ...

​In the frame of Landeskulturpreise Kärnten 2020 choreographer and mastermind Andrea K. Schlehwein receives a recognition prize of the state of Carinthia for her choreographic work with the artist platforms NETZWERK AKS and AKS | Seoul Section.

KBS World Radio Interview

Treffen zweier Welten – is a series of the Korean Broadcasting System Radio dealing with the life of foreigners in Korea. Listen to the Interview with AKS on 21. September 2020


Text [aks] in the latest book - Landschaft als Bühne - on Austrian fine artist Franz Politzer.

Published by Kunstverlag Wolfrum Wien (ISBN 978-3-9001 78-34-5).

Monomere – Polymere

The object artist Barbara Bernsteiner.

An Article of aks in the artist’s current catalogue, published on the occasion of the Group Show System-Spiegelungen in Carinthia

Zeitlos zeitgemäße Welten

Articel [aks] in Die Brücke

on the Austrian painter Franz Politzer and

his Solo exhibition ‘Landschaft als Bühne’ at FORUM KUNST contemporary.

Book Cover

World Premiere of Helmut Lachenmann’s Opera: Das Mädchen mit den Schwefelhölzern Hamburgische Staatsoper 1997. Direction: Achim Freyer. Conductor: Lothar Zagrosek.

Title role: Anna Karger & Andrea K. Schlehwein [Freyer Ensemble].

LINK to the new book of Bernd Feuchtner

ART SPACE stift millstatt RE : opens

The two artistic directors of ART SPACE stift millstatt Eleonore Schäfer and Andrea K. Schlehwein reopen the doors to this atmospheric space for Contemporary Art located in the old monastery Stift Millstatt in Austria. Even though the lock down has caused some damage on their full year program, both stay enthusiastic about their RE : s t a r t with the presentation of Fine Art and Contemporary Dance.





Curator AKS is joining FORUM KUNST contemporary

at the art fair
art KARLSRUHE 2020 Germany. 
Booth H4/P01


presenting: Ha Haengeun, Christian Einfalt, Achim Freyer, Deborah Sengl, three


12. 2. preview
13. - 16. 2. art fair

Looking back on 2019

read more about activities of Andrea K. Schlehwein + NETZWERK AKS 2019.


curated by AKS . GROUP SHOW

AKS is curating the current GROUP SHOW
@ FORUM KUNST contemporary.

14. | 15. | 21. | 22. | 28. | 29. December 2019
3pm - 6pm
@ ART SPACE stift millstatt

Master Classes

in the frame of the 5th Goyang International Dance Festival

Andrea K. Schlehwein was giving master classes at Goyang High School for the Arts.

about AKS: memo-media

Andreas Schäfer wrote an article for
Memo Media, featuring Ohad Naharin, Hongkong Ballet
and Andrea K. Schlewein, who is the
Artistic Director of Netzwerk Aks and
Büro für tanz I theater I produktionen.

The photo shows one of A K. Schlehwein's latest productions
'butterfly tales', which was created together with Unita Galiluyo,
Jye-Hwei Lin and Eiji Takeda of Netzwerk Aks.
Photo was taken by Nina Hader.

curated by aks . Andrea K. Schlehwein auf kult1 TV

Seit Jahren begleitet Gerhard Reiner von kult1 TV
die kuratorische Arbeit von Andrea K. Schlehwein in Kärnten / Österreich.

Vernissage Woo Jong Taek und Robert Kabas
  im ART SPACE stift millstatt

Vernissage Peter Sengl

Momentaufnahme Andrea K. Schlehwein
  - Kunst Forum Stift Millstatt


NETZWERK AKS will perform at ‘1 . 2 . 3 . ‘ 
an International Contemporary Dance Evening at the 
famous hot spot urbanguild @ KYOTO EXPERIMENT.

new edition of #bones

Andrea K. Schlehwein + NETZWERK AKS

at 5th Goyang International Dance Festival

Performance 28. September 2019

Sarasa Digital Theatre, Goyang Aramnuri

Gyugki-do . Korea

AKS will present a complete new edition of #bones at this year’s international gathering.

curated by aks . Golden Shadows

Installation . Performance . Dance
Carlos Osatinsky + Fernando N. Pelliccioli + NETZWERK AKS

9.  I 10.  I  11. August 8pm @ART SPACE stift millstatt

Is our world a shared home or an open unfolding unknown territory full of secrets? 
How do we interact ??

curated by aks . Achim Freyer

Andrea K. Schlehwein is curating

the artist Achim Freyer
at FORUM KUNST contemporary.

VERNISSAGE  7. July 2019  I   7 p.m.
@ART SPACE stift millstatt


#bones in Pre:view


Andrea K. Schlehwein + NETZWERK AKS

at SIMPRO Festival 2019 in Seoul . Korea

Performance 14. April 2019  I  7.30 p.m

#bones I  choreographic score material

@Arko Arts Theater

curated by aks . Woo Jong Taek

Andrea K. Schlehwein is curating

the Korean artist Woo Jong Taek 
at FORUM KUNST contemporary.

VERNISSAGE  29. March 2019  I   7 p.m. 
@ART SPACE stift millstatt

International Symposion

Application is online here

22. – 26. July 2019 @ART SPACE stift millstatt . Austria

article by aks

Korean online magazine

curated by aks . Ha Haengeun

Andrea K. Schlehwein is curating the first Soloshow of young Korean artist Ha Haengeun at FORUM KUNST contemporary.

VERNISSAGE  24. February 2019  I   5 p.m. 

@ART SPACE stift millstatt

scenography for dressing in disguise

dressing in disguise

Unita Gay Galiluyo + NETZWERK AKS @ E-WERK Freiburg I Germany


31. January  I  1. + 2. February 2019  I  6.30  p.m.

International Symposion for Dance

Andrea K. Schlehwein curates POSITIONEN 019
Diskurse + Dialoge im Zeitgenössischen Tanz

22. – 26. July 2019 @ART SPACE stift millstatt . Austria

Angie Hiesl . Henrietta Horn . Lisa Günther . Alina Jacobs . Graziela Padilla

2 new dance works by AKS

8. December 2018  I  3 p.m.
At #105 . K’ARTs
Seocho Campus . Seoul . Korea

Experimental Dance Performance

AKS Tutor + Professor for Dance and Dance Creation at K'ARTS in Seoul

The Korean online magazine DanceWebZine has published a beautiful review about the 10 years of NETZWERK AKS, the special edition of ACCESS - featuring Sang Hoon Ok, Andrea K. Schlehwein - and the Photo Exhibition 'Tranjectory Lines' by FORUM KUNST contemporary @ART SPACE stift millstatt Austria.

ACCESS special edition is ONLINE

The Korean magazin ACCESS published a special edition featuring the Artistic Collaboration of Photographer Sang Hoon Ok and Choreographer Andrea K. Schlehwein. Essay by Patrice Pavis.

Presentation in Europe will be 
10. August 2018  I  7 pm 
@ART SPACE stift millstatt
#10 is only a number

10 is only a number

Since 10 years Andrea K. Schlehwein + NETZWERK AKS I Platform for Contemporary Dance+Art are producing in Carinthia / Austria.


The programme presented from August 10 (preview) until August 15 includes:
a Photo Exhibition, Art Magazine Presentation, Dance Performance, Dance Films, Artist Talk + more ...

Art Magazine Presentation

The Korean magazin ACCESS will publish a special edition featuring the Artistic Collaboration of Photographer Sang Hoon Ok and Choreographer Andrea K. Schlehwein. Essay by Patrice Pavis.


Romana Egartner I Malerei
Andrea K. Schlehwein I Installation

4. Mai 2018  I  8 p.m
FORUM KUNST contemporary

2 new dance works by AKS

3 0 2 2  steps +  YES NO OK ?


9. December 2017  I  5 p.m. 


at #105  .  K'ARTs 
Seocho Campus. Seoul . Korea

Tutoring at K'ARTS

Andrea K. Schlehwein is tutoring seven graduation pieces created by Master and BA students of the Choreography Department of Korea National University of Arts.

Graduation Performance is on 25. November  I  6 p.m.  
at KNUA hall, Seocho Campus, South Korea.

NETZWERK AKS @ Europäische Theaternacht 2017

NETZWERK AKS under Artistic Direction of Andrea K. Schlehwein will present its ‚LECTURE on TIME CODE 9733’ at the Europäische Theaternacht on 18. November 2017

@ ART SPACE stift millstatt.

Andrea K. Schlehwein received the Jeong Mak Arts Award

at the Daegu International Choreography Festival 2017

South Korea



Review by Nayana Bhat (Blogger, Choreographer)

Andrea K. Schlehwein @ DICFe 2017

revival HERE AND NOW | Video

See the latest video here.

revival HERE AND NOW | Press Review

Krone by Andrea Hein | 13. February 2017

Wild bewegtes Mosaik unserer Zeit

Read press review here.

new website is online

You want to follow the events

of all Art Collectives based in ART SPACE stift millstatt?

-    visit

Curious about the Dance Activities
-    go to


Andrea K. Schlehwein is curating the 
International Series for Contempporary Dance + Art
On 27th of January 2017 we present the Austrian Premiere
‚Repetition’ by Maciej Kuzminski Company


Info + Tickets

revival HERE AND NOW

10. + 11. February 2017

Theater Halle 11 Klagenfurt, Austria

ex : cerpt I vol. 3


09. December 2016  I  20:00 Uhr   
theaterHalle 11 Klagenfurt . Österreich

10. December 2016  I  20:00 Uhr   
theaterHalle 11 Klagenfurt . Österreich

+43 463 31 03 00

theaterHALLE 11
Messeplatz 1
Eingang: Florian-Gröger-Strasse
9020 Klagenfurt, Österreich

büro für tanz I theater I produktionen
+ 43  4766 35250

Photo credits: Nina Hader

Catching the Impulse

Improvisation + Dance Workshop
by AKS

30. October 2016 I 11 – 3 p.m. I @ART SPACE stift millstatt

fon. +43 4766 35250
Stift Millstatt . Stiftgasse 1 . A-9872 Millstatt



22 July 2016
ART SPACE stift millstatt 
Lange Nacht des Tanzes CCB Millstatt

23 | 26 | 27 July 
ART SPACE stift millstatt


want to know more about upcoming performances, dance trainings, workshops for kids, and and and ?


05. – 14. May 2016

Heike Franziska Bartsch
Marion L. Buchmann
Andrea K. Schlehwein

Gedok Galerie Berlin
Motzstraße 59 
10777 Berlin-Schöneberg
Fon. +49 30 4 41 39 05

Busan International Short Film Festival

22. - 26. April 2016


12. - 18. April 2016


Seoul International Improvisation Dance Festival

community > 춤웹진-광고 1 페이지


Want to read more ? - visit NETZWERK AKS Blog

Kleine Zeitung

15. March 2016

Read the article here.


Want to read more ? - visit NETZWERK AKS Blog


03. - 23. November 2015

Andrea K. Schlehwein and Netzwerk Aks warmly invite you to TANZ IM NOVEMBER !!

TANZ IN NOVEMBER will include the performances of “Things We Lost in Fire” and “Time Code 9733” as well as the event POSITIONEN 015: Discourse & Dialogue in Contemporary Dance Carinthia

POSITIONEN 015 : developing perspective together / gemeinsam Perspektiven entwickeln!


Click here for the full programme of



Infos: +43 4766 35250 •

Moving on!

10. August 2015

NETZWERK AKS is proud to announce the following productions coming this autumn:

time code 9733 revival scheduled for November 2015

26. June 2015

A revival of time code 9733 is scheduled for 14. & 16. of November.  Read a review of the recent premiere on the NETZWERK AKS Blog

Exhibit: The Last Days of Mankind

26. June 2015

FORUM KUNST presents Deborah Sengl's exhibt The Last Days of Mankind at ART SPACE Millstatt until 31. August.  Read more about it on the NETZWERK AKS Blog.

Rehearsals have begun for Time Code 9733!

26. April 2015

Read impressions from dancer Nayana Bhat on the NETZWERK AKS blog.

18. February 2015

Read her plans on the NETZWERK AKS Blog.

Review by AKS on the performance b.21 by Ballett am Rhein in Fall 2014 for the Korean Dance Webzine.  Read the full article here.

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