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K'ARTS | Korea National University of Arts

Since 2012 AKS regularly holds Master Classes at the renewed Korea National University of Arts in Seoul. Beyond that she is teaching movement research, contemporary dance and creation for BA’s as well.

She is a jury member for Entrance Examinations and Auditions, Competitions and part of the Dance Pedagogue Module at K’ARTS.

Korea National University of Arts, Dance Dept.
Seoul Dance Center
Seoul International Improvisation Festival
Daegu Catholic University, Dance Dept.
Daegu International Choreography Festival
Kids in the MOVE . Austria
Makassar Art Moment . Indonesia

"Art projects not only human emotions, but also human thoughts. As such, art is defined by the ability to offer a new perspective on humanity. This understanding of the essence of art is the starting point for greater self-introspection and understanding of others. Furthermore, it enables one to better understand and empathize with other cultures and societies. ‘Art’ in effect acts as a medium for people to easily and spontaneously accept what it is to understand humanity."

     - Kim Bongryol, President

        Korea National University of Arts

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