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i n : f o r m a l  +  A. I. R.
[Residencies@ART SPACE I stift millstatt]

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performances . showings . lectures . discussions . drafts . fragments

Creative beginnings, in-progress scenes, sketches and artistic fragments require a critical response early in development.

i n : f o r m a l  as a performance-and-discussion series for Contemporary Art inspired by audience feedback was established in 2014.

i n : f o r m a l  invites artists to participate in  A. I. R.  (residencies@ART SPACE I stift millstatt) to present their pitches and drafts in a relaxed atmosphere, and to deconstruct their work in dialogue with the public.

The presentation formats to this end are as diverse as the Artists-in-Residence themselves: drawings, film documentation, dance sequences, a reading, a work-in-progress showing, an outdoor event, or some other aesthetic format – anything goes!

Featured artists who so far shared their works-in-progress include:

Marit Shirin Fogelgren (SW), Chris Leuenberger (CH), Nayana Bhat (IND), Maayan Reiter (IL), Josefine Wosahlo (D), Johanna Roggan (D), Matan Levkovich (IL) among others.

In case you are interested – contact us

write a letter
sketch your idea
send some visuals and keywords
make us understand your desire
share your phantasy

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