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In 2020, Andrea K. Schlehwein conceived the multi-part series archipelago comprised of contemporary dance solos that each stand singularly as a reflection and blueprint of an inner world. Loosely connected by context and artistic method, AKS highlights the fragile perspective of her soloists (NETZWERK AKS dance artists) on fragile political, economic as well as personal states of being – all in a struggle for resonance with the contemporary outside world.


The upcoming edition archipelago2 features a close collaboration between Taiwanese dance artist Jye Hwei Lin and choreographer Andrea K. Schlehwein.


Together they subtly weave a web of autobiographical fragments.

Movement, visual images, spoken thoughts, sounds and objects come together as eternally disrupted non-narrative elements to form a personal document. The artist Jye Hwei Lin invites personal encounters in an installation-like labyrinth that would not exist like this without considering her individual history.


Direction . Soundscape . Films

Jye Hwei Lin


Collaboration Objects . Space

. Dramaturgy

Artistic Direction

Andrea K. Schlehwein

performance NETZWERK AKS

Andrea Maria Handler

Woo Sang Jeon


Brigitte Büsken

Jye Hwei Lin

Andrea K. Schlehwein


Assistants of Production

Brigitte Büsken

Alina Jacobs



Jo Hermann


Keith Tsuji



Alina Jacobs

Jye Hwei Lin



büro für tanz | theater |

produktionen 2021

supported by

National Culture and

Arts Foundation Taiwan


June 2021

@ ART SPACE stift millstatt . Austria

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