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bones [FIGUR X]
[from the ACCUMULATION Series]

bones [FIGUR X]

is a piece about distancing and alienation.

It shows a dystopian world dominated by emptiness, in which human-looking creatures are in charge. They behave like all mighty gods from Greek mythology, displaying muscle and power, destroying everything, whether repairable or irreparable. They know no memory - have no regrets.


AKS stages a nightmarish, silvery atmosphere, dominated by a peculiarly threatening mood between boredom and destruction.


Concept . Choreography . Space . Sound . Light
Andrea K. Schlehwein

Dance + Creation
Dong Bin Lee
Maria Mavridou
Eun Young Park
Roman Zotter

Live Camera . Collaboration Sound
Roman Zotter

Seon Jung Kang . AKS

Grafik Layout
Eleonore Schäfer

büro für tanz I theater I produktionen 2019
5th GOYANG International Dance Festival . Korea

5th GOYANG International Dance Festival . 2019

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