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kunstLABor 2012


Without a workspace, there is no infrastructure.

Without an infrastrucutre, no iniatives.

Without initiatives, no creativity.

Without creativity, no growth.

kunstLABor 2012 (2. June - 27. August) invited the public - locals and tourists alike - to observe, discuss and take part in various aspects of artistic creation alongside nearly 20 members and guests of NETZWERK AKS, including open dance rehearsals, readings, film showings, gallery exhibitions, installations, workshops and performances.  


This 9-week "festival" took place in the former Millstatt Post Office, a building which had remained empty, unused and uncared for, during the two years preceding kunstLABor.  Utilizing this space not only benefited the artists themselves by providing a workspace and therefore the chance to build an infrastructure, but also served the community by breathing life into a downtown area frequented by tourists.


The process of making art was made visible through large windows facing directly onto the market place - whether in the form of dance rehearsals, modeling clay into a scultpture, a late-night film showing, or hanging paintings for an exhibit.  Passerbyers were invited to watch these happenings from outside, or to enter the space and join in the activities:  perhaps by snapping a few photos of an artist unpacking her sculpture, video recording improvising dancers, drawing a sketch in the guest book, asking questions, and even by participating in a number of workshops.  Children and youth were given a chance to artistically express their thoughts and opinions on art and life in Millstatt during the Young Blood Forum, which inlcuded dance classes and a film workshop.


Specific events included art exhibits by Ingrid Riebler and AKS (curated by Eleonore Schäfer), dance rehearsals and performances by and with AKS, Pawel Dudus, Unita Gay Galiluyo, Paolo Fossa, Leonie Humitsch, Tamara Kronheim, Carlos Osatinsky, Fernando Nicolás Pelliccioli, Simona Piroddi, Aureliusz Rys and Rosalie Wanka; readings by Eleonore Schäfer and Andrea K. Schlehwein, workshops by Hayley Glickfeld, Carlos Osatinsky, Fernando Pelliccioli and Ingrid Riebler; and not to forget a Peeping Tom art film series.


More about individual events can be found on the NETZWERK AKS Blog.

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