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To fly and to die!

In a peculiar atmosphere, EngelFragemente (On being an Angel) reflects a poetic dance world, based on text of the same title by AKS.


“ . . . I have not written anything about angels in the text of EngelFragmente. Rather, I have chosen the angel in his in-between-essence of man and bird as a metaphor, to be able to write about in-between-ness itself; about the space between two chairs, where another chair would never actually fit, although there is still a place there.”  (AKS) 


The viewer is plunged into a life retrospective characterized by lightness, weight and strength, by despair and self-irony. A cosmos opens, then splinters into fragments and facets of an imaginary ego that runs into (against??) walls and stumbles on opposition over and over again in his search for belonging and affection, and, unable to find the door, is rescued by antagonism and extremes.


IT / SHE wants the incompatible simultaneously: “to fly and to die.”


Three dancers and one actress personify this situation of exasperation, of being chased. The neardelusional desire to lift off and the need to fly are shown as indeed extreme, but the only acceptable opposing position to death.  


Concept, Direction, Stage,

Lights, Sound

Andrea K. Schlehwein



Julia Hechenblaikner

Fang Yun Lo

Angharad Davies

Daniela Maria Rod

Simona Piroddi

Wan Lin Liao

Eleonore Schäfer


Photos by

Dwi Nugroho

Sayoga Wicaksana

Robin Weigelt



büro für tanz | theater | produktionen


(ID), 2009:

Teatro Arena Solo


Makassar (ID), 2009:

Art Momentv


Jojakarta (ID), 2009:

Jojakarta Arts Festival


Bali (ID), 2009:

GEOX Fesitval


(ID), 2009:

Festival Asia Tri


Eloprogo (ID), 2009:

Eloprogo Art Center


Ossiach (AT), 2009:

Symposium Stift


Villach (AT), 2008:



Gmünd (AT), 2008:

Lodronsche Reitschule

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