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I am not the one who you think I am

dance trio


Who am I?

Search again.
Once again.
Search again. 
Once again.


She is not a white rabbit hanging from the ceiling.
She is not an anorexic silver banana.
She is not the one who you think she is.


I am not the one who you think I am.


Choreography . Space . Sound . Light . Film
Andrea K. Schlehwein

Dance . Creation .
Unita Gay Galiluyo
Maria Mavridou
Simona Piroddi


Maayan Reiter


Trailer . Tec Operation
Roman Zotter

Classical Training
Simona Piroddi

Jo Hermann
Roman Zotter

Head of Production
Eleonore Schäfer

büro für tanz I theater I produktionen
Production Office + Management
Andrea K. Schlehwein


@ART SPACE stift millstatt
3. + 4. March 2017
21. + 22. August 2017
29. + 30. Dezember 2017

Press review here.

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