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dance + film installation


This piece is part of the current NETZWERK AKS performance repertoire.  For more information and to book performances, please contact:

büro für tanz | theater | produktionen.

Living in a Box

Five members of a group, let’s call it family, are living together in a small space. It is hard to breathe fresh air, not easy to define borders, protect privacy. Having to defend intimate moments all the time, attack seems to be the best solution to stabilize a situation called peace. Communication happens on the surface without effect on the inside. The system is breaking down violently and constantly. The system is build up immediately and hysterically after each breakdown. Real change is not happening.


Escalation and de-escalation as two poles of one and the same situation.


An interface is the part of a system that allows communication.


The term originally comes from natural science and refers to the double status of the physical boundary of a medium. It pictorially describes the characteristics of a system such as BlackBox, of which only the „surface“ is visible and, because of this, through which only one line of communcation is possible. Two adjacent BlackBoxes can only communicate with each other if their surfaces 'fit together.'


Aside from this the word means 'barrier sheet': it makes no difference to either of the two involved Boxes how the other handles dispatches internally or derives the answers thereto. The delineation of its border is inherent, and the BlackBoxes need only to recognize the pages facing them in order to guarantee communication.


What, if we would refer to each family member as a BlackBox, that simply acts and re-acts in terms of the definition above? 


SEOUL SECTION gave its premiere performance, INTER FACE , from 12. to 25. November 2013 (including 2 performances and a standing film installation). SEOUL SECTION presented the work on invitation at Platoon KunstHalle Seoul to open the Special Showcase Reboot: Media Future Shock!. The performance of INTER FACE honored 50 / 120 years of diplomatic relations between Austria and South Korea. AKS served as an Austrian artistic ambassador in Korea. The work was supported by the Austrian Embassy Seoul and BMEIA (Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs).



Concept, Choreography, Stage,

Sound, Film Installation

Andrea K. Schlehwein



Chorong Park + AKS


Stage Support

Ise Kim



Sang Eun Yoon

Hye Jin Shin

Sei Sung Lee

Hong Seok Jang

Tanakorn Sunvaraphiphu


Production + Choreography Assistant

Yunkyung Hur


Photos by

Ok Sang Hoon



büro für tanz | theater | produktionen


Seoul (KR), 2013:

Platoon Kunsthalle Seoul

for the opening of

Special Showcase Reboot:

Media Future Shock!


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