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light things + dark things

... when an egg is broken by inside force, life begins; 
... when an egg is broken by outside force, life ends.

"light things + dark things is a choreographed ninety-minute action that is bare of any sound additions. Arranged as an installation in which the boundary between the action filled stage space and the “untouched” audience space disappears.


The audience enters the site of the action where the objects and the dancers move and are being moved in their immediate form of being-there and being-such. The piece has no theatrical beginning, as it is all about the essence of things, whose existence does not only arise at the moment of the performance.


Jye Hwei Lin and Woo Sang Jeon relate power to powerlessness and examine their respective mechanisms in a playful as well as insidious reverse game. Typical associations (power and strength / powerlessness and weakness) are rescinded and turned upside down. In her latest piece, Andrea K. Schlehwein reveals the attraction of interpersonal disruption that takes place at the carnal boundary of the body and penetrates deep down to the bones. What is destroyed and remains destroyed in the violent interaction is nevertheless impalpable, as the human being's capacity for physical regeneration is more reliable than its resilience.


light things + dark things is a highly intense, emotionally challenging dance poem that offers a courageous and ultimately conciliatory look at our (inter)personal abysses."

Text: Anna Zampetti


Artistic Direction

Andrea K. Schlehwein


Dance . Creation . NETZWERK AKS

Woo Sang Jeon

Jye Hwei Lin



Jo Hermann



Assistant of Production

Brigitte Büsken



büro für tanz | theater |

produktionen 2021


August 2021

@ ART SPACE stift millstatt . Austria

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