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Grand Théâtre de Genève, 2014

"...Director Roland Aeschlimann (in collaboration with Andrea K. Schlehwein), who also designed the costumes (together with Andrea Schmidt-Futterer) and set, did not – understandably – overburden Nabucco's already dense plot with psychology; nor did he deconstruct it, or add another invented story to it (the wondrous conversion of Nebuchadnezzar in this production happens just as abruptly as in Temistocle Solera's libretto). Only in the final act does the director allow himself to intervene with commentary, when the newly-converted Fenena, the weakest member in the cruel game of power, tears herself out of Ismael's embrace and rams a knife into her stomach. He seems to say: religious convictions cannot be changed as haphazardly as clothing.


"Aeschlimann translates the grand score into fitting stage tableaux. This is quite effective, as it allows the impactful music to develop unhindered."


     Max Nyffeler

     translated by Hayley Glickfeld Bielman


     April 2014


Direction, Set

Roland Aeschlimann



Andrea K. Schlehwein



Andra Schmidt-Futterer


Musical Direction

John Fiore


Chorus Master

Ching-Lien Wu



Roman Burdenko / Lucio Gallo



Leonardo Capalbo



Elzabeth Blanke-Biggs



Ahlima Mhamdi


Photos by

Ariane Arlotti

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