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march .

don’t ask questions .

nip individuality in the bud .

conform .

band together .

leave responsibility to others .

drain aggression .

isolate . manipulate .

exert pressure .

protect yourself .

adapt .

flee .

En mass, humans usually move at a sluggish pace. But the moment a group of people becomes a functioning collective that decides to appoint a communal victim – someone to degrade and serve for cathartic purging – things move quickly. Impulsively and without logic some one is chosen.

It can happen to anyone.


Choreography, Soundtrack, Costumes

Andrea K. Schlehwein


K'ARTS Dancers

Go Min Jeong

Go Eun Sol

Kim Seong

Kim Eun Kyung

Kim Eun Ju

Kim Jonghyun

Bae Jimon

Yang Seung Jin

Yang Hong Seo

Lee Wen Yan

Lee Sei Seung

Jeon Su Hu

Jeon Ji Ye


Ok Sang Hoon


Seoul (KR), 2012:

Seok Wang Dong Theatre

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