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route 011



This piece is part of the current NETZWERK AKS performance repertoire.  For more information and to book performances, please contact:

büro für tanz | theater | produktionen.


Concept, Direction, Stage,

Lights, Sound

Andrea K. Schlehwein


Dance + Creation

Corrado Canulli

Carlos Osatinsky

Fernando Nicolás Pelliccioli

Tuong Phuong

Simona Piroddi

Eleonore Schäfer

Rosalie Wanka



Hayley Glickfeld Bielman


Photos by

Sebastian Lemke

Günter Jagoutz



büro für tanz | theater | produktionen


Gmünd (AT), 2011:

Lodronsche Reitschule


Klagenfurt (AT), 2011:

Theaterhalle 11


AKS sends her dancers on a journey together, over through and through valleys. It is a dance of power that unfolds in symbolic images, especially featuring perilous mountains.  The choreography drives the dancers, forcing them to struggle against the unpredictability of life and death.  


Tragic news of the atomic catastrophe in Fukushima lead AKS to record images from television, which subsequently became the basis of route 011. Pictures of the devastating event are reflected in the set, video projections, light and sound effects of this dynamic work. 




“The paradox of route 011 is that it does not need any dancers, because the set, video projections, lighting and sound are cleverly devised and arranged into a complete whole. But as a choreographer, AKS cannot exclude movement of the human body.


“In her new dance-theater performance she incorporates her ensemble fluidly into their environment and weaves together an atmospherically cohesive masterpiece from the threads of individual genres.


“Those familiar with AKS's work know to let their left brain hemispheres relax while watching her performances. One cannot rationally apprehend her pieces or easily describe them; it's best let the sequence of pictures permeate the senses without trying to capture them in concrete thoughts or memories.


“Schlehwein explores the romantic subject of wandering in route 011. She translates themes of wandering alone, uplifting companionship, grim combat, lust for adventure, getting lost and self-awareness into original movement that the dancers perform with supreme technique. Although, now and then the viewer wishes for an accent or choreographic signature to soften the dancers' idiosyncrasies.


“The ensemble comprises a harmoniously international bunch from Argentina, Germany, Italy, Austria, the U.S. and Vietnam.

The blending of youth and maturity works perfectly. While youngsters Carlos Osatinsky, Fernando Nicolás Pelliccioli, Tuong Phuong, Simona Piroddi and Rosalie Wanka briskly and playfully search for answers, the older performers Eleonore Schäfer and Corrado Canulli season the scene with calm and antiquated gestures. Videos and projected images (AKS, Anja Theisman, Martin Schinagl) never slide into aesthetic triteness despite their clean beauty. Rather, they extend the range of interpretation.


“The meditative, heartfelt evening unfolds impressively, without any ironic winks or trashy frills.”


     Ingrid Türk-Chlapek

     Die Kleine Zeitung

     4. September 2011

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