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Inspired by RYO JU

approaches #1 - #5

dance + film


Final Goodbye.

Three women each write a last letter to the same man, whom they, for different reasons, will never see again. Each letter evokes and hurts deeply, tearing not only the man but also the writers themselves.


Slowly, like a puzzle, the picture of an entire situation emerges, which the man and the women alike show from different perspectives in their upright approaches to one another, to communal family life, love and breaking apart. We see the women and the destroyed man in his fall. We sense insight gained, believe that we recognized something – and yet the certainty disappears, the one truth becomes blurred by a fog, like the figure of the man walking along the river bed.


AKS uses contemporary dance, acting, film and photography to re-tell Yasushi Inoue's haunting, award-winning 1949 story The Hunting Gun in this multi-part adaptation.  


Concept / Script / Visuals / Director

Andrea K. Schlehwein


Film / Film Editing

Anja Theismann


Camera:  Approach #1 - #5

Sebastian Lemke


Camera:  Approach #5

Yunkin Kim


Costume Design

Midori Kawamura


Assistant to the Director:

Approach #5

Hae In Shin



Florian Hermann



Nathan Jardin

Sei Seung Lee

Youn Ha Ma

Maria Mavridou

Yeon Woo Na

Simona Piroddi


Reading / Performance

Reinhardt Winter

Eleonore Schäfer



büro für tanz | theater | productionen




Millstatt (A), 2014:



Millstatt (A), 2014:

Outdoors, Midnight


Tagliamento (I), 2014

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