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#shivering from the ACCUMULATION Series


Space . Sound . Choreography

Andrea K. Schlehwein



Margherita Malinconi
Maayan Reiter



büro für tanz I theater I produktionen


In this particular work, as part of the broad series: ACCUMULATION, artist Andrea K. Schlehwein deals with the different states of aggregation of the human being.
'accumulation # shivering' is about an inner tremor that starts barely perceptible in your own inner world and penetrates steadily outward.

The two Dancers perform with an inherently driven fury - they are seeking consolation in each other's touch and proximity in order to escape the inner tremor. They relate to each other like animals in a cage trying to escape the captivity, losing the battle each time.

Nayana Bhat


Three  Performances took place on

26. April 2018 in the frame of schau.räume in Spittal/Drau, Carinthia.

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