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[from the ACCUMULATION series]
2020 - 2021

A vibrating, strongly emotionally charged dance duet that splits an imagined I in two. The two dancers embody breathless physical and psychological states of uncontrolled trembling that move through them unpredictably in waves and throw them off course. The more they struggle to suppress this state, which is socially defined as "flaw", the stronger their impulses become.


#shivering is part of the broad ACCUMULATION series, where artist Andrea K. Schlehwein deals with the different states of aggregation of the human being.


Space . Sound . Choreography

Andrea K. Schlehwein



Andrea Maria Handler + Alina Jacobs

Maria Mavridou + Unita Gay Galiluyo



Alina Jacobs

Sunčan Stone

Roman Zotter


Teaser 2020

Roman Zotter


Trailer 2021

Alina Jacobs



büro für tanz | theater |

produktionen 2021


tanz_house_festival Salzburg . Austria

ART SPACE stift millstatt . Austria

Festival UKREP 2021

Plesni Teater Ljubljana . Slovenija

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