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[from the ACCUMULATION series]

At an unusual location, a quarry in the Malta Valley, a contemporary dance solo is created that approaches the living material 'stone' in an examination of aspects such as absorption, density, nucleus, melting, blasting, inner fire and explosion. Themes, such as exposure and fragility, exhaustion in the physical body of the dancer Maria Mavridou and the destruction of the body of the surrounding landscape, create archaic images of great topicality.


Concept . Artistic Direction

Andrea K. Schlehwein


Dance . Creation

Maria Mavridou


Artistic Collaboration . Soundscape

Roman Zotter



Roman Zotter . aks



büro für tanz | theater |

produktionen 2022


in Collaboration with

MONOLITH Georg Planer

special thanks to Herwig Modre


October 2022

#stone part 1 @Pankratium Gmünd . Austria

#stone part 2@Steinbruch Pflüglhof . Maltatal . Austria

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