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Time Code 9733

dance + film installation


An agreement, a rule, a code, an ancient oath –

or perhaps a modern ritual.

Time Code 9733 occurs in an imaginary place that, depending on the viewer's perspective, may be in the present, the future or the past. Archaic pictures, old myths, scraps of sound, Facebook entries, loose phrases and philosophical rudiments meet each other by chance. Everything is fleeting, insignificant, and without context or continuity.


The stage becomes a microcosm through the use of diverse cameras – all differently positioned and zoomed. Some actions are shown in detail, others are displayed oversized so that even the most delicate, incidental contact appears unrealistically large on monitor screens that both witness and document the events on stage.


Five performers execute an elaborate arrangement of movement in two contrasting rooms. One space resembles a modern adyton, the dark and mystical sanctuary of a temple; projections of media images, film fragments and live recordings light the space. The other room is like a bright and airy palace that allows fort he unfolding of the performers' inner worlds in concrete, immediate gesture.

The performers and the public alike move between these two spaces as in an exhibition, passing through a cosmos that speaks of power relations, dependencies and violence in a world of mediated and immediate experience.


"AKS received well-deserved applause upon the conclusion of her latest and boldest choreographic experiment to date. Time Code 9733, presented at ART SPACE in Stift Millstatt, integrates audience and fantastic dance technique, and examines a universe built upon reality and vision. The work pulled viewers into the performance by allowing them to move freely within a precisely calculated, changeable spacial installation with live-designed film projections – and quite successfully! Excitement and curiosity drew viewers from a dark chamber, disjointed by grand cinematic images depicting both ideal and broken worlds of memory and fantasy, into a room of light.


"There, a group of diverse dancers, which even included an 8-year-old boy (!), built upon that which had been rescued from the darkness in a far-east-inspired 'ritual' with symbolic use of feathers, a chalice and a crown. A worthwhile experience!"


     Andrea Hein

     translated by Hayley Glickfeld Bielman

     Die Krone

     30. May 2015


Concept, Directing, Stage Design,

Film, Sound, Photos

Andrea K. Schlehwein



Film, Text, Sound, Photos

Roman Zotter



Stage Design, Sound, Costume

Brigitte Büsken


Collaboration:  Choreography

Maria Mavridou



Leonie Humitsch

Dong Eun Kim

Aaron Maier-Planer

Maria Mavridou

Roman Zotter


"The Sculptor's Ark"

Titus Lemer


Performance Photos

Laurent Ziegler


Graphic Layout

Eleonore Schäfer


Roman Zotter


Collaboration:  Text, Blog

Nayana Bhat



Roman Zotter



Maria Mavridou


Rehearsal Guest

Nayana Bhat

Valentin Alfery


Website / Blog / Translations

Hayley Glickfeld Bielman



büro für tanz | theater | produktionen


With support from

Bundeskanzleramt Österreich

Österreichische Bundesforste

Marktgemeinde Millstatt


28., 30. & 31. May 2015

14. & 16. November, 2015

Stift Millstatt


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