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too many heroes

running falling diving seeking shelter spinning spiralling going to the ground being thrown to the ground embracing suffocating escaping hiding seeking touch seeking cover not knowing where losing orientation running after someone dancing on the ground hanging onto something detaching oneself longing to be alone not being able fearing to be alone not being able permanently changing constellations none the right one for longer than half a minute highly dynamically changing position in space just seemingly motivated action jumping over invisible trenches purposefully without meaning erecting barricades without material exploding group dynamics rising up from the subconscious in twos in threes in fours five six seven eight in search of meaning in a throng on asphalt molecules in chemical reaction in external supervision mirroring internal perspectives of unfounded conditions


dance film concept . choreography . direction
Andrea K. Schlehwein


editing of Reels
Lukas Pirkebner [Five Elements Films]


dance + creation NETZWERK AKS
Leonie Humitsch
Alina Jacobs
Stanislaus Kernjak
Maria Mavridou
Maja Mirek
Kai Möller
Martin Schinagl
Rosalie Wanka
Ting An Ying
Roman Zotter


film team
Five Elements Films

Selina Nuart
Thomas Obereder
Lukas Pirkebner
Vera Polaschegg
Manuel Sackl

camera trailer


assistant of production
Brigitte Büsken


Laura Rossbacher


Alina Jacobs


supported by BMKOES
© büro für tanz I theater I produktionen 2021

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