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too many heroes
dance film production

The power of images. Fake or reality? In split seconds, the human brain decides which images it “believes in”, which images are aesthetically “beautiful”, appealing, and which area such as “news”, “dance” or “art”, they are assigned to. Aspects of what is proven by way of documentary, journalism, of what is manipulating, of what is everyday reality, of what depicts art and artificially created environments need to be questioned. too many heroes situates imagined sequences in a clearly defined space of action, investigates impulses and reflexes and depicts agitated situations in a dynamic experimental dance arrangement in viral images that simulate one of the possible realities.


dance film concept . choreography . direction
Andrea K. Schlehwein


editing of dance film
Lukas Pirkebner [Five Elements Films]


dance + creation NETZWERK AKS
Leonie Humitsch
Alina Jacobs
Stanislaus Kernjak
Maria Mavridou
Maja Mirek
Kai Möller
Martin Schinagl
Rosalie Wanka
Ting An Ying
Roman Zotter


film team
Five Elements Films


Selina Nuart
Thomas Obereder
Lukas Pirkebner
Vera Polaschegg
Manuel Sackl


camera trailer


assistant of production
Brigitte Büsken


Laura Rossbacher


Alina Jacobs


supported by BMKOES
© büro für tanz I theater I produktionen 2021

Austria 04 2022

International Dance Film Festival
Dance AHOI . Metropolis Kino Hamburg 
Germany 09 2022

Moving Body Festival
Varna . Bulgaria 10 2022

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