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dance + installation


This piece is part of the current NETZWERK AKS performance repertoire.  For more information and to book performances, please contact:

büro für tanz | theater | produktionen.

More questions than answers.

Travelogue uses art as a means of exploration, more questions than answers.


Travelogue explores the absence of hierarchy.


Travelogue develops from the simultaneous presentation of artistic activities, performances, music, dance and actions.


Travelogue examines whether equitable coexistence is possible and whether this could constitute a first step toward balanced cooperation.


Travelogue is conceptualized as an open space, a walk-in dance-theater installation that, through repetition of its individual segments from each participating artist and their established score, creates an imposing and idiosyncratic dynamic.


Interaction in the conventional sense does not occur. Interaction exists.


The media of dance, installation, text, film, live projection, performance, and music (suite for toy piano / compositions for prepared piano by John Cage) form the segments of this dance-theater analysis.


Travelogue is applied as a complex, ongoing concept that invites new artists, integrates new aspect and themes depending on the artists involved and the place of performance, thereby becoming a traveling, constantly changing, globally-oriented entity itself.


Travelogue is inspired by John Cage's spirit: a democratic concept in which the simultaneity and independence of several juxtaposed arts are investigated.



Read an account of these performances on the NETZWERK AKS Blog.




Choreography, Concept, Direction

Andrea K. Schlehwein


Dancers + Creation / Europe

Carlos Osatinsky

Fernando Nicolas Pellicioli

Simona Piroddi

Aureliusz Rys

Eleonore Schäfer

Laurent Ziegler


Dance + Creation / GEOXX (ID)


Eleonore Schäfer

Carlos Osatinksy

Fernando Nicolás Pelliccioli

Nyoman Sura

Ni Nyoman Ayo Kunti Aryani

Putu Merina Rahayu / BALI | Komane Adi


Jazmyne Koch

Gusti Ngurah Sudibya

Budi Susilo / JAWA | Made Lila Sardana

Wayan Susia / SINGAPADU


Dance + Creation /

Taman Budaya Surakarta (ID)


Eleonore Schäfer

Carlos Osatinsky

Fernando Nicolas Pelliccioli

Yasudah S.

Danang Romadhon / SOLO Indi NIdya

Adi Kusuma Fajar Abadi

Sekar Putri H.



Dance + Creation /

Surakarta Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta (ID)

Collaboration with Bimo Dance Theater

Angeline Rizky Emawati Putri

Halimatus Sa'diah

I Gede Radiana Putra

Agung Saputra

R. Daru Artono

Nanag Sukriyanto


Eleonore Schäfer Carlos Osatinsky

Fernando Nicolas Pelliccioli


Dance + Creation /

Eloproggo Art Space, Magelang (ID)


Eleonore Schäfer

Carlos Osatinsky

Fernando Nicolas Pelliccioli

Sony Santosa

Desi Deden


Dance + Creation /

Bandung Performances (ID)


Eleonore Schäfer

Carlos Osatinsky

Fernando Nicolas Pelliccioli

Oos Koswara

Iman Syar

Dedy Aridian Banjar

Atin Rustini

Zhu Khi Tian

Anita Gayatri

Ade Ii Syarifuddin



Florian Hermann

Jo Hermann




büro für tanz | theater | produktionen


Klagenfurt (A), 2012

Theater Halle 11


Bali (ID), 2012



Surakarta (ID), 2012

Art Space Surakarta


Jogja (ID), 2012

Jogja Gallery


Eloproggo (ID), 2012

Eloproggo Art Center


Bandung (ID), 2012

IFI Bandung

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